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The Deities Collection

Since the beginning of time, people have believed in something greater than themselves, deities have given us focus and belief. Stories from mythology and the characters of the Gods and Goddesses can illuminate aspects of humanity and inspire us in our daily lives. People have always looked above to the heavens, and within to the underworld for hope, inspiration, and guidance. Mythological tales have reflected our human failings and misgivings, as well as our victories and virtues.

With the Herbwerx Deities Collection we can wear the Goddesses & Gods in their many forms to inspire and support us in our daily lives.

I have always had a love for the stories of the plants I use in formulas. There are connections with the plants, planets and elements and these have been written about in different mythologies throughout history. Many of the plants we use today are linked to stories of mythological beings and it is these stories that can teach us the wisdom and characteristics of the medicine the plants can bestow.

I have endeavoured to capture the essence of the different characters in this range of perfume oils, with the intention to bestow the wearer with the strengths and attributes of the Deities.

The recipes are formulated according to the age-old traditions of each deity in honour of their qualities, and in the wearing of these oils we can call to them for strength and guidance.

Each oil is made up of herbal oils, and essential oils . All herbs are harvested and processed at optimum times in order to correlate with the astrological and elemental correspondences of the plants. Finally the oils are intuitively and ritually crafted in accordance with the symbolism of each Deity.

We will be releasing different Deity oils throughout the year in accordance with the seasons and the wheel of the year.



I always think of Artemis this time of year, when the forests are just starting to wake up.....Goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, wild animals, the Moon, childbirth and chastity. The first feminist icon, she was the champion and defender of young girls and women. She rejected the confines of marriage and defended the wild freedom of women and their ability to bear children. Daughter of Zeus and Leto, soon after her birth she helped her mother deliver her twin brother Apollo, and was subsequently worshipped to aid in childbirth and fertility. She asked of Zeus to always maintain her chastity and freedom and she fiercely defended this, and that of her nymphs.

She is Goddess and protectress of the forests and wild places. She is truly the Archetype of femininity that is pure and primitive. One of the rare deities that was is not defined by her lover, husband, father or child. Artemis’ beauty exists for herself, not for the benefit of any romantic union. The myth tells that her beauty should not be exposed to human sight…Indeed when the hunter Actaeon saw her bathing naked, she transformed him into a stag, set his hounds against him, and Actaeon was ripped apart to pieces. Artemis acts as does nature, both nurturing and protective and violently defensive.

”One may hear her or sense her presence, but it is dangerous to violate her, even with the eyes. It is to Artemis that the virgin forest belongs, or the wild prairie, ’where no shepherd has the right to lead his flock’, and ‘no scythe has ever passed” (Pagan Meditations Ginette Paris).

Wearing Artemis Oil

Indomitable Artemis teaches us that our independence and self-reliance is our freedom, we are not defined or distracted by the expectations or influence of others.

As the Huntress, she gives us the wisdom to set our intentions with determination and focus, as directly as the arrows she fires from her bow. As mother of Nature she reminds us to remain wild and free as nature itself.

She also bestows us with cunning, accuracy, focus and stamina, perception and intuition.

Artemis Oil contains

Mugwort -Artemisia vulgaris, named after Artemis, is deeply connected to the moon and the feminine aspect. Mugwort helps us to connect to the divine feminine, and to release our wild untamed selves. It is said that Mugwort planted in your garden will attract the Fae which emphasises the connection of Artemisia with the natural realms.

The Cedar is the tree of Artemis, and along with Cypress and Sandalwood and Geranium, relates to the Moon and the feminine aspect. Frankincense heightens psychic awareness and focus, and Orange and Fir promote strength and courage.

The notes of this oil are earthy, woody and spicy



Our most sexual Goddess was born of the sea foam and first set foot on the small pink pebbled beach of Paphos. Aphros means foam and it was Gaia who asked her son Cronos to protect her from Uranus. Cronos castrated his father and threw his genitals into the sea, his sperm creating the foam of the waves. Whilst being carried in the waves a girl began to grow and eventually became the beautiful Aphrodite. Daughter of the sky and born of the sea, she represents the waters from which all life is born. She is Goddess of the dew and all of earth's moisture, the currents of emotion and desire.

She is the alchemical Goddess with powers to transform mortals and deities alike. Although she was the polar opposite of the pious Artemis she ,like Artemis was never ruled over or owned by any man. Seductress of many gods and mortals, she was also vengeful and cruel when crossed by anyone or rejected.

Did you know that ..”…Myrrha was the daughter of a priest, who fell passionately in love with her father. Aphrodite caused this forbidden passion to happen because Myrrha’s mother bragged that Myrrha’s beauty was greater than Aphrodite’s. Aphrodite disguised Myrrha which enabled her to have sex with her father several times. When he realised this seductive woman was his own daughter, he was overcome with disgust and horror. He was about to kill her, but then Myrrha prayed to the gods to save herself, and she was transformed into a fragrant myrrh tree.”

Wearing Aphrodite's Oil

Aphrodite's oil was crafted to stimulate our senses, and uplift us as she does with her beauty and charm. She awakens the flow of our deepest passions and desires. Aphrodite teaches us to acknowledge the feminine power within and embrace the beauty we carry with confidence. She encourages us to follow our hearts, with the reassurance that we can do this with grace and style!

Aphrodite's Oil contains Rose infused herbal oil, plus Rose and Jasmine, relating to the planet Venus. Neroli and Bergamot essential oils are uplifting floral notes corresponding to Aphrodite's' rulership of flowers. Coriander and Sandalwood, base notes create a heady sensual aphrodisiac oil.

More of the Deities Range will be released throughout the this space!

With love and gratitude from Herbwerx and the plantz

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