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Rescue balm - Love this balm! Not only did it arrive early, it smells great and it really WORKS ❤️ its the kind of product i wish I had time to make for myself but luckily I can just buy it here and know its even better and has so many more wonderful, healing ingredients. A wonderful, knowledgeable seller I'm excited to try more products 

Bath Melts - Bought these as gift for my friend. Had such positive feedback that I've ordered two more deliveries for other friends. The perfect lockdown "boost" for the important people In your life.

"A massive THANK YOU for the amazing Comfrey & Wintergreen Salve... received the order today already!! It felt like a special delivery...It really does work and feels so comforting. Magical stuff! "  G.A. London

R has dry eczema always worse when the seasons change. 2 bath melts and a massage with one and he was way more comfortable - I'd say 50% better after just one treatment.

I had a lush oily bath with one of your bath bombs!

Love sharing my bath with bits of nature,(flower petals!) and the fresh smells of essential oils too!

Lush! xx

Ahhh these bath melts are pure bliss when you want to wash the world away for a moment and recharge...beautifully packaged too... thanks... lovely!

They are blooming lovely, been using them as massage bars as well!

These smell divine and make your skin feel so soft !! 😍

XV - I love the smell so much I've been putting it on my wrists in the morning makes me feel young.....and I smell so good!

 I received my cream today just put some on,  I love how it melts into your skin and it doesn’t sting like my pharmaceutical creams I have been given on prescription. Thank you so much...

 I have had my cream on since 4 pm it absolutely lush no itching or scratching I will be defiantly

Having more. Thank you xx

My stuff came yesterday & looks & smells amazing! The new packaging looks so the flower petals...gr8 touch...some of it was meant to be for my sister's birthday but I'll have to reorder as already used it for me lol! Xx

Brilliant!  my mom is so pleased with the comfrey cream... she really suffers with rheumatoid arthritis. She has been using cannabis oil mixed with coconut oil which helped but this stuff is magical. It has taken all her pain away which is so amazing. Thank you for being so brilliant xxxx

"This is amazing and it smells so good, my grandson asked me if he could eat it!"

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