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Deities - Artemis Essence Oil

Deities - Artemis Essence Oil



With the Herbwerx Deities  Range we can wear the Goddess in her many forms to inspire and support us in our daily lives. The recipes are formulated according to the age-old traditions of each deity in honour of their qualities, and in the wearing of these oils we can feel their strength and guidance. Each oil is made up of herbal infused oils, and essential oils . All herbs are harvested and processed at the optimum times to correlate with the astrological and elemental correspondences. Finally the oils are intuitively and ritually crafted, and bottled at optimum times in accordance with the symbolism of each Deity For more of the story of the Deities Range and Artemis, and Aphrodite please see the blog post 'Deities' . 

ARTEMIS teaches us that our independance and our self reliance are our freedom, that we are not defined or distracted by the expectations or influences of others.  As the Huntress, she gives us the wisdom to set our intentions with determination and focus, as directly as the arrows she fires from her bow.  As mother of Nature she reminds us to remain wild and free as nature itself. 

She also bestows us with cunning, accuracy, focus, stamina, perception and intuition.

10 ml roller bottle

Artemis Oil contains

Mugwort -Artemisia vulgaris, named after Artemis, is deeply connected to the moon and the feminine aspect. Mugwort helps us to connect to the divine feminine, and to release our wild untamed selves. It is said that Mugwort planted in your garden will attract the Fae which emphasises the connection of Artemisia with the natural realms.

The Cedar is the tree of Artemis, and along with Cypress and Sandalwood and Geranium, relates to the Moon and the feminine aspect. Frankincense heightens psychic awareness and focus, and Orange and Fir promote strength and courage.

The notes of this oil are earthy, woody and spicy



Do not use if allergic to essentail oils.

If you have sensitive skin always do a small skin patch test before use.

Do not use on broken skin.

PLEASE NOTE this informaiton is for educational purposes only.



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