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Balance Face, Body and Bath Set

Balance Face, Body and Bath Set


This handy gift set combines two complimentary oils that have everything covered to balance, nourish and soothe the face, body and soul! Two 30 ml bottles contain Balance Facial OIl and Balance Body and Bath Oil.

BALANCE FACIAL OIL A lightly scented facial oil, for night time use, to balance tone and nourish the skin. Geranium with its antioxidant and anti inflammatory qualities helps to boost the skins health and natural glow. Lavender improves circulation to promote a youthful complexion and moisturising, soothing and detoxifying. Rose and Rosehip oils,join forces to boost collagen formation, protect against sun damage, hydrate and moisturise. Frankincense supports cellular function, soothing the skin and reducing the appearance of blemishes. Altogether this makes for an all round therapeutic formula for the face of any age. Ingredients - Sweet Almond OIl, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip oil, Whetgerm Oil, essential oils of Lavender, Geranium, Rose and Frankincense

BALANCE BODY AND BATH OIL Balancing bath and body oil contains Clary sage and Geranium, scientifically proven to balance oestrogen levels and ensure the long term health of the uterus. Clary sage keeps cortisol levels stable and calms the body and mind. Both oils are also very useful in calming menstrual cramps and hot flushes, so a good all round womens supportive remedy. PMs, bloating cramps, mood swings and food cravings. These properties are complimented with Lavender, , which also helps relieve menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes, headaches, heart palpitations, whilst keeping cortisol levels stable, claming your body and mind, supporting the libido, and promoting heathy hair and scalp and healthy sleep. Cedar and Benzoin work well together to calm and release stress, and Fennel aids in bloating and digestive problems that can accompany hormonal symptoms as well as being balancing and toning for skin. Egyptian Rose and Jasmine , often worn as devotional oils, add a feel of luxury and sensuality to this blissful formula for balance, relaxation and self care.

Use a capful in the bath, or massage into the skin. This can be useful to massage into belly for menstrual cramps, or into the lower back before bedtime for menopause symptoms such as night sweats. Or just for a realxing yet uplifting massage or bath.

Ingredients - Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba OIl, Wheatgerm Oil, essential oils of - Lavender, Clary sage, Rose, Jasmine, Gernaium, Benzoin, Cedar, Fennel *Not to be used in pregnancy *


THE HERBWERX PROMISE Handmade on the Isle of Portland, Dorset UK Herbwerx natural healing products are handmade in small batches for optimal freshness, or made to order for specific requests. PRINCIPLES! - All ingredients are sourced from providers who are certified fair trade, cruelty free, and mostly organic. Wherever possible, herbs are locally sourced and are harvested and prepared according to their times of optimum potency. We use carefully formulated recipes, and all of our products are willingly tested on humans!

NO WATER! - 100% Natural - We use naturally healing butters waxes and oils that require no chemical preservatives but still have a long natural shelf life, which means our recipes are more concentrated giving you more goodness in every pot!

ZERO WASTE - We go all out to ensure our packaging is 100% recyclable and use recycled biodegradable packaging for all our postage parcels.

Shelf Life - Approx 1 year from date of purchase, BB date as indicated on product labelling.


SAFETY - Product does contain essential oils, in cases with sensitive skin it is always good to try a patch test on a small area of skin on the wrist before applying liberally on the body. Caution should always be taken around areas of broken skin

Disclaimer - Herbwerx Products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Returns policy If you are dissatisfied with any of our products or services please contact and we will do all we can to help Shipping info We use Royal Mail first class postage for shipping to Uk and Europe . Shipping to UK is £4 for the whole order, £12.10 to Europe tracked and signed. ** if you live local to Weymouth or Portland you can contact to arrange free delivery! 

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