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Deities - Aurora

Deities - Aurora

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With the Herbwerx Deities range we can wear the goddess in her many forms to inspire and support us in our daily lives. The recipes are formulated according to the age-old traditions of each deity in honour of their qualities, and in the wearing of these oils we can call to them for strength and guidance. 

Each oil is made up of  herbs, herbal infused oils, and essential oils . All herbs are harvested and processed at the optimum times to correlate with the astrological and elemental correspondences. Finally the oils are intuitively and ritually crafted, and bottled at optimum times in accordance with the symbolism of each Deity 



Aurora the goddess of the dawn, sister of Helios, the Sun god, mother of the morning star, Lucifer, who watches over the twilight until she rises from the sea and rides across the sky in her horse drawn chariot. Her cloak of purple flies out behind her as she sprinkles dew across the earth.

She reminds us that light will follow the darkness, so there is always hope of renewal, and rejuvenation. We can look to the colours of the dawn to seek clarity, wisdom, and inspiration. Aurora was famous for her love of mortal men and she encourages us to love with an abundance of joy and authenticity, whilst maintaining our independence, freedom and strength.

She represents leadership, hope, fertility and health, and devoted love. Wear the goddess to inspire positivity and productivity.Know that she bestows you with the dawn light to find your own path through the darkness .


INGREDIENTS - 10 ml roller bottle

Almond oil, Jojoba, Vit e, essential oil formula containing uplifting citrus and sweet woody notes including Bergamot, Grapefruit, Cedar, Rosemary, May chang, Myrrh, Saffron

SAFETY do not use if pregnant, or if allergic to essential oils. Do not use on open skin.

All information is for educational purposes only

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