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Ishtar Elixir

Ishtar Elixir

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Wear the goddess in all her glory with this elixir created from herbally infused, and essential oils. Sweet floral scents of Jasmine and Rose awaken the senses, with erotic undercurrents of Sandalwood Ylang ylang and Vanilla, enriched with specific ingredients from ancient recipes to honour this powerful Goddess and the planet Venus, the morning and evening star.  This formula has been ritually crafted in accordance with the Rites of Ishtar.

Wear her scents, love your body and embrace your sensuality!


Ishtar Elixir is a ritual oil that can be used on the pulse points - the temples, lower jaw, neck, wrists, inside elbow and knee and ankles. It can also be massaged into the face and neck, as a nourishing night time facial treatment, or worn as a perfume for the sensual aroma.



*The first Goddess of Love * the Goddess of the morning and the evening star. *

Babylonian scriptures called Ishtar the Light of the World, leader of Hosts, Opener of the Womb, Righteous Judge, Lawgiver, Goddess of Goddesses, Bestower of Strength, Lady of Victory, Forgiver of Sins…..She is the Great Goddess who appears in the Bible as Ashtoreth, the Queen of Heaven(Jeremiah 44:19). She was also the Great Whore as Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots (Revelation 17.5) She was also called the Goddess Har, the compassionate prostitute, and men communed with her through the sexual rites of her Harlot Preistesses.


INGREDIENTS -30 ml dropper bottle

Rose , Almond oil, Mugwort oil, Jojoba oil, plus essential oil mix and nothing else!

Safety - do not use in pregnancy, or if allergic to essential oils. Do not use on broken skin.

All information is for educational purposes only


With the Herbwerx Deities Range we can wear the Goddess in her many forms to inspire and support us in our daily lives. The recipes are formulated according to the age-old traditions of each deity in honour of their qualities, and in the wearing of these oils we can feel their strength and guidance. Each oil is made up of herbal infused oils, and essential oils . All herbs are harvested and processed at the optimum times to correlate with the astrological and elemental correspondences. Finally the oils are intuitively and ritually crafted, and bottled at optimum times in accordance with the symbolism of each Deity For more of the story of the Deities Range and Artemis, and Aphrodite please see the blog post 'Deities' .





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