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Nyx Elixir Ritual  face and body Oil

Nyx Elixir Ritual face and body Oil


Nyx was the primordial Goddess and personification of the Night. Her time of year is the Winter and she rules over the longest night, the Winter Solstice. She is the daughter of Chaos, from whence all life was created,and was the sister of Erebus, (darkness), Gaea, (earth) and Tartarus (the pit). Together with Erebus she created Aether (light) and Hemera (day) as well as many other gods, fates and spirits.

She was fiercely protective of her children, so much so that Zeus would not cross her.

As darkness descends Nyx wraps us in her cloak of black, she is the mother of envy, fear, wretchedness,discord and strife, she invites us to walk with her into the unknown,, to  face our fears and uncertainties and learn our strengths.With  her cloak of darkness around us she takes us into the shadows to face our darkest traits, misgivings, and regrets. She is the mother of Nemesis, retribution for our actions, she is the mother of old age, who we cannot avoid, fraud,nightmares and misery. 

But she is also the mother of friendship and compassion and most of all she is the mother of Hemera, Day and Aether, Light whom she passes each morning to allow the light back in after the darkness of her night. Nyx reminds us that we have to find balance with the light and the dark. To evolve we must not fear, but face the darkness with all its challenges, accept it and embrace the power within, and she is there to guide us. With her guidance and protection we find our inner strengths. If we walk with her into the darkness, we may be wiser in the light of day.



Nyx  essence is a ritual oil that can be used on the pulse points -  the temples, lower jaw, neck, wrists, inside elbow and knee and ankles. It is safe to be massaged into the face and neck but testing on another area of skin is recommended before you do so. 


In order to accurately honour Nyx I have added a small amount of oil of Solanum dulcamara Bittersweet Nightshade which is why I advise to try a skin test before applying larger amounts. This plant is a Saturnian herb, connected with the underworld, the shadow realm and integration with our shadow side. The winding vine grows up out of the shadows and produces blood red berries. She helps us to define our boundaries and offers us protection.

 I have been working with this essence for a while and found no problem at all with the small amount of Solanum dulcamara.

NYX ELIXIR contains Mugwort oil, known for its relation with the moon, sleep and dreamtime,and is a plant associated with NYX. There  is also evening primrose, as a night flowering plant associated with NYX and almond and wheatgerm oils. These are accompanied by an essential oil formula containing rich essential oils such as benzoin, sandalwood and vanilla, with cypress and juniper, all associated with Nyx, plus a few secret ingredients! 

All herbs were harvested in accordance with the Moon cycles and Planetary days and hours associated with NYX.

 This  ELIXIR was created on the Winter Solstice 



                                  Triple Goddess

Wear the Goddess and you will find that journeying into the dark can be very illuminating!



With the Herbwerx Deities Range we can wear the Goddess in her many forms to inspire and support us in our daily lives. The recipes are formulated according to the age-old traditions of each deity in honour of their qualities, and in the wearing of these oils we can feel their strength and guidance. Each oil is made up of herbal infused oils, and essential oils . All herbs are harvested and processed at the optimum times to correlate with the astrological and elemental correspondences. Finally the oils are intuitively and ritually crafted, and bottled at optimum times in accordance with the symbolism of each Deity For more of the story of the Deities Range and Artemis, and Aphrodite please see the blog post 'Deities' .


Do not use if allergic to essential oils.

If you have sensitive skin always do a small skin patch test before using

Do not use on broken skin.

PLEASE NOTE this information is for educational purposes only.

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